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Phased Re-Opening Plan

The Unity Temple E-Team has completed comprehensive Covid-19 Phased Re-Opening Guidelines. This document is intended to serve as a guide for Congregational events going forward. The guidelines will be implemented based on the Cook County Risk Metrics determined by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Please reach out if you have any comments or questions

Community Transformation Team Guiding Principles

The CTT adopted Guiding Principles which were shared with the Board of Trustees at their April 2022 meeting.​ Core values/principles for the Unity Temple Staff and Congregation in Re-opening Plans are as follows:

  •  Guidance by science (CDC)
  •  Start small (and simple)
  •  Safety as highest priority
  •  Connection (to one another/community across multi-platforms)
  •  Full inclusion (or as full as possible)
  •  Clear and frequent communication
  •  Collective care versus individual
  •  Accessibility
  •  Assume trauma (awareness around the past year and its impacts on each other)
Community Transformation Team (CTT)

Our Community Transformation team consists of members and staff, representing the Board of Trustees, RE Committee, Music, Membership, Finance, Worship, Welcoming All, the Executive Team and our partner organizations. In addition, these members also represent numerous professions: a doctor, a public health professional, a teacher, a principal, a mental health professional and attorneys.