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Ex Libris Bookstore

Ex Libris is the name of our bookstore. It is open on the second and fourth Sunday of each month following each service during Coffee Hour. The bookstore features an impressive variety of books focused on Unitarian Universalist and non-traditional subjects - books not readily obtainable at your local bookstore. Very popular with both children and adults, Ex Libris is the first place that many folks go to following Sunday services. We are continually receiving shipments of new books, so "there is always something new at Ex Libris."

Most books are sold at 10% off their original cover prices. For information on ordering, please e-mail us at Nominal shipping and handling charges will be added to prices of books that are ordered.

Each spring, we feature the Ex Libris Book Fair, offering "tons of tempting tomes at fantastic, outrageously low prices." (These are lovingly used books with a lot of life still left in them.)