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Pastoral Care

We are committed to providing care to our members throughout their lives. We do this by meeting and accepting you wherever you are in your life and spiritual journey, by helping you to discover and make meaning from your life events, by cherishing and enriching our understanding of the human journey and each other, by experiencing and supporting you through major milestones, celebrations and transitions, and providing you support and care in times of need.

Our ministers are available to provide counsel, care, support and guidance to members in need. 

If you would like to speak with one of our ministers, please contact them directly:

Rev. Alan Taylor, Senior Minister   ::   708/848-6225 x101  ::

Rev. Emily Gage, Minister of Faith Development   ::   708/848-6225 x103  ::

When life’s joys and sorrows come along it is often helpful to talk with a sensitive peer. Pastoral Associates are able to provide support, companionship and attentive listening. They have been chosen for their warmth and openness and have received special training from the ministers, but are not trained therapists. Confidentiality is always complete. 

If you are in need of support or know someone who is, email, call the congregation office at 708/848-6225, or contact one of the pastoral associates.

Pastoral Associates
Kathy Clark
Jay Cohen
Diana Coates
Carol DiMatteo
Judy Gaietto-Grace
Alice Ocrey
Jay Petersen



In February 2018, one of our worship services explored the #MeToo movement, addressing the painful reality of toxic masculinity, the devastating and long-term effect of sexual harassment and violence on victims, and how together, we can change our culture by actively promoting the inherent worth and dignity of all. You can find local and national resources, as well as information about our pastoral associates, by clicking here.