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Mission Statement


The religious education ministry of Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation engages the minds, the hearts and the whole selves of our young people.  When they graduate from our program, our young people will be equipped for their life-long journey of learning, integrating this knowledge, these feelings, and these experiences.

Our young people will know:

  •      Unitarian Universalist faith, history and heritage
  •      The value of sacred stories and leaders from other faith traditions
  •      That meaning comes from many sources
  •      Their own self worth, and manifest this in healthy relationships
  •      Their actions make a difference in this world

Our young people will feel:

  •      Committed to Unitarian Universalism
  •      Called to act out of love, not fear
  •      Valued and have ownership in their UU community
  •      Part of something larger than themselves
  •      Hope, beauty and inspiration in our worship

Our young people will be:

  •      Able to draw strength and comfort in times of grief from themselves and others.
  •      Accepting of their own and life's limitations
  •      Open and willing to engage with others in an ongoing quest for truth and meaning.
  •      Loving, caring and kind
  •      Engaged in developing their own ongoing spiritual practice