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Faithful Citizen Workshop & Earth Day Rally

SUNDAY, March 22 is WORLD WATER DAY.  This is a day for us to reflect on the human right to water. Just think of life without water. Water is essential to human life, yet almost three quarters of a billion people around the world lack clean drinking water. The human right to water means that everyone is entitled to safe, available, and affordable water. Our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is working with partners in the US, Africa, Asia, and Latin America to uphold this human right.  On the Green Sanctuary team's table you will find a bucket and a brief video and petitions to sign.  VIDEO: The brief video, produced by the UUSC displays water facts around the world.  BUCKET: The bucket is a place for you to place a WATER CARD. Be thinking of a place that you love that features water and is threatened by climate disruption.  You will find cards where you can write or draw your place or places, then put the card in the bucket.  We’ll keep these close at hand during Climate Justice Month (March 22 to April 22) and take these to the Earth Day Noon Rally in Springfield on April 22. PETITIONS:  The Green Team is collecting signed petitions in support of the Illinois Clean Power Plan, a plan that gives Illinois residents the opportunity to invest in clean energy, cut harmful-to-our-health pollution, and create and stimulate clean jobs. We will take these signed petitions to the Earth Day Noon Rally in Springfield and present them to Governor Rauner.

Buses filled with UU's and other people of faith from around the state will converge on the capitol in Springfield on Earth Day to advocate for a strong Illinois Clean Power Plan. To get ready for this big event your Green Team is hosting a Faithful Citizen Workshop, featuring UU Advocacy Network of Illinois (UUANI), and Rev. Brian Sauder, Executive Director, Faith in Place. Lively. Interactive. Informational. Inspirational. Fun. Action-oriented. Home made refreshments served.

Stop by the UTCAN table at Coffee Hour to: Sign petitions. Sign up for the workshop. Sign up for the bus ride to Springfield. Be part of the transition to clean power.

People Power = Clean Power. For more information:
go to: or stop by the UTCAN table at Coffee Hour.


Unity House
Sunday, March 22, 2015 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm