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All Congregation Meeting

Congregation Meeting - Sunday, March 3

All members urged to attend

Dear UTUUC Members:


Please plan to attend the congregational meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2013, directly after worship has concluded (12:00 p.m.)


The purpose of the meeting is two-fold. First, the board wants to update you on plans for a capital campaign and to obtain the congregation's approval to proceed with those plans in earnest.  Second, the board has approved amendments to the congregation's by-laws that require a vote at a congregational meeting.     


In order for us to conduct business at a meeting, the congregation's constitution requires a quorum of 20% of voting members.  (See below for Absentee Ballot information.)  


Please plan to attend the meeting to learn about the exciting next steps regarding the capital campaign.  We will strive to keep the meeting short, but allow time for questions.


By-Law Amendments 


The board of trustees recommends several amendments to the by-laws. The amendments are reflected in the redline of the existing bylaws which can be downloaded below.   


Download By-law Amendments HERE 


The amendments fall into three categories: (1) a change in our fiscal year from a July-June fiscal year to a calendar fiscal year; (2) revisions to board procedures to improve efficiency; and (3) updates to our committee designations. Aside from stylistic and grammatical edits, the proposed amendments are described below.



Absentee Ballots


If you are unable to attend the meeting because of prior commitments, you may vote on the proposed amendments by absentee ballot. A ballot is attached.


Download Absentee Ballot HERE


As you will see, it is divided into two parts - one for approval of the changes related to the adjustment in the fiscal year and one for all other changes. If you approve all of the proposed changes, you need to vote yes twice. You must also sign the ballot and write your name legibly so that we can keep track of the votes. If you are unsure whether you can attend the meeting, please submit an absentee ballot.  


Only those original ballots received by 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 3, 2013 will be counted toward the vote total at the annual meeting.   Ballots must contain the valid signature of an eligible voting member to be counted.   





Please contact the Board of Trustees with any questions at  


Thank you! 


Unity Temple
Sunday, March 3, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm