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The UTUUC Member Auction

Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation Member Auction

Our annual member auction is designed, not only to raise funds for the wonderful ministries of Unity Temple, but also to help build relationships among our members. We welcome members to get involved by donating and/or purchasing events, meals, adventures, etc., that provide opportunities to get to know each other.

2020 Auction – Soaring to New Heights in Our Member Auction

Based on suggestions from our members over the past few years, we are introducing a new auction website that is smart-phone, laptop & pc friendly. After an initial registration, members will be able to make donations, view the catalog and bid on items directly from their favorite device.  

For a General Overview of our Annual Member Auction, click here

To go directly to the new Auction Website for 2020,

For detailed instructions about using the new Auction Website

  • Registration Guide for the new auction site, click here
  • Donate Item Guide for the new auction site, click here
  • Place a Bid Guide for the new auction site, (coming soon)

The Auction Team is available to answer questions, assist you with the new website or share ideas from previous auctions

  • See us at the Sunday Auction Networking Table every Sunday in January & February
  • Or, contact us at  [email protected]