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Reflections from Kellie Kelly

I explore each month’s Soul Connections theme on my Twitter account (@kellieuukelly) using a hashtag (#) and the month’s theme (example: “#Identity”). I also would love to join your explorations of the monthly themes—simply include my Twitter handle at the beginning of your Tweet: “@kellieuukelly” or post to my Facebook wall. For those of you who aren’t interested or able to sign up for a Twitter account, I include some of my favorite tweets here in our newsletter.

As a reminder, I have explored each month’s Soul Connections theme on my Twitter account (@kellieuukelly) using a hashtag (#) and the month’s theme (example: “#Identity”). However, I must admit that the frenetic pace of graduation and congregational search have slowed my tweeting down quite a bit (if not stopped it althogether). So I will no longer be including my tweets here in my final newsletter columns. I hope you will still follow me on Twitter though to see how my digital ministry changes in the months and years ahead!

As we explore the theme #creativity this month, I will be finalizing my order of service for my ordination service Saturday, June 9 here at Unity Temple. All Unity Temple friends and members are invited so please look out for an email with the invitation over the next two weeks. I sincerely hope that you all can come (children of all ages are VERY welcome)!

Just in case you’re not quite sure what an ordination is, you are NOT alone! So I’m including the introduction my ordination committee #created:


Our last ordination ceremony was….

It’s been 11 years since Unity Temple last ordained a minister. The Rev. Bret Lortie was ordained in 2007. He now serves as the Senior Minister of Unitarian Church of Evanston.


What are the requirements to be ordained as a UU minister?

To enter preliminary fellowship within the UUA, ministry candidates must complete a Master of Divinity degree, complete a Clinical Pastoral Education unit (400-hour chaplaincy internship), receive endorsement by a UU congregation, receive 4 recommendations from UU religious professionals, complete a congregational or community internship, complete a 2-day career and psychological assessment, read an extensive list of core texts, and be approved by the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee. For Kellie, this process took 6 years. The Ministerial Fellowship Committee approved Kellie for preliminary fellowship December 1, 2017 and Kellie will complete her Master of Divinity May 20, 2018.


Why is Unity Temple ordaining Kellie?

Once the Ministerial Fellowship Committee approved Kellie for preliminary fellowship, she formally requested that the Unity Temple board of trustees vote to ordain her into the UU ministry, which they did enthusiastically. Kellie chose Unity Temple as her ordination congregation because we hold special significance to her as “the congregation that loved her into her ministry.”


What does “ordination” really mean?

Well, first of all it is a huge celebration-- a celebration of Kellie and her ministry, a celebration of our role as a teaching congregation, a celebration of ministry, and a celebration of the life-saving message of our Unitarian Universalist faith. In practical terms, it means a worship service in which we, as a congregation, will confer upon Kellie the rights and privileges of UU ministry, including the title “Reverend,” whoo-hoo!

Much Blessings,