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The UTUUC Member Auction

What is UTUUC’s annual member auction?  It’s…….

  • UTUUC’s biggest fundraising event

  • An easy-to-use online catalog where members can donate and bid on items

  • A wonderful collection of donations from members, friends, and businesses.

  • An opportunity to support UTUUC by attending dinners and events hosted by members, buying a stay in a vacation home, or enjoying the interests and talents of our members

  • Most important, a way to build community by meeting and engaging with other members at events throughout the year

Thank you for your support during the 2017 Auction! We raised over $30,000 to support UTUUC programming, and we hope to raise even more funds during the 2018 Auction. We are looking for auction superheroes to help make this happen.

Donate: We are now soliciting donations for the 2018 Auction! Donating online is easy - see "How to Donate  Online" below. Or fill out and submit a 2018 Donation Form. Questions about donations? Check out our Donation FAQ’s. 

Unity Temple members love member events! Did you know that dinners account for about 1/3 of the total amount we raised in 2017? If you’ve enjoyed attending a dinner, but have not hosted, maybe this is the year for you to do so!

Many people team up with others to host dinners and events. Last year, 16 dinners and events were hosted by more than one person or family! We can help you find a partner for your event. Contact us at or visit us during Coffee Hour.

The 2018 Auction catalog is already growing! Take a look and get inspired: Donations are due January 28; bidding begins February 10.

Volunteer: There are many ways, small and large, that we can use your help this year. If you are interested in volunteering to be a member of the Auction Team or helping with one or more tasks for 2018 Auction, email us at or visit us during Coffee Hour.

Your Auction Team: Coach Barbara Heskett, Laura Reeb, Corinne Rohr, Jerry Seeber, Tracy Welin, Susan Huizinga, Connie Strait, Julia Ryan, Ruth Babcock, and Ralph Earlandson. 


  Sunday 1/28/18    Donation Deadline

Saturday 2/10/18   Catalog Bidding begins 9 a.m.

Sunday  2/11/18   Super Auction Kick off Coffee Hour

Wednesday  2/14/18   WIN Bidding option expires 9 p.m.

Wednesday  2/21/18   Catalog Bidding ends 9 p.m.

Sunday      2/25/18     Online Second Chance Sale begins 9 a.m.

Friday        3/2/18        Online Second Chance Sale ends 9 p.m.

Sunday     3/4/18        Auction closeout sale

Sunday        3/11/18        Celebration coffee hour