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The UTUUC Member Auction


    Building relationships
    through the 2019
    member auction

       1) Have a bunch of FUN

       2) Raise a bunch of MONEY

       3) Make a bunch of new FRIENDS

Our annual member auction is designed not only to raise funds for the wonderful ministries of Unity Temple, but also to help build relationships among our members.  We welcome members to get involved by donating and/or purchasing events, meals, adventures, etc. that provide opportunities to get to know each other.

The links listed below will provide you with detailed information.  In addition, auction team members will be at the Auction Networking Table during coffee hour every Sunday in January and February.  Or contact us at [email protected]

We conduct our annual member auction on line utilizing a database for Unity Temple members at   (Please log in to make sure your contact information is correct or contact an auction team member for assistance.)

  • If you’re new to Unity Temple or just need a refresher on our auction process, please see the auction overview - HERE
  • For a detailed timeline of our 2019 auction process - HERE
  • Our auction has changed a bit this year, so please familiarize yourself with those changes as you think about making a donation and before bidding begins - HERE


  • Detailed instructions on how to make your online donation - HERE
  • Frequently asked questions about donations - HERE
  • If you’d like to print a donation form to submit in person - HERE


  • Frequently asked questions about bidding - HERE
  • Bidding tips - HERE
  • If you’d like to print a bidding order form and submit it in person - HERE

And finally, for a bit of technical information, see ‘terms and conditions’ - HERE

Thank you again for supporting the amazing ministries we provide as a community here at Unity Temple!