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Mental Health Awareness Team – MyHat


We are glad you are interested in learning more about our mental health awareness team. Our mission is to welcome people living with a mental illness, and the full range of neuro-diversity, and those who care about them, creating a community of acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding. You are welcome here!

Education: We offer information about upcoming workshops on a variety of topics, and newly published materials that are available at local libraries. Check out UTUUC’s Facebook page, newsletter, and stop by our table at coffee hour for the latest information.

Advocacy: If you sign-up for our mailing list (see below) you will receive periodic updates about legislation that affects the well-being of persons living with mental illness, as well as timely articles and resources. Together we are working to reduce stigma, encourage support, and create positive change.

NAMI Metro Suburban: In partnership with NAMI Metro Suburban, we help co-sponsor free education and advocacy workshops. Contact us for more information about workshops in your area!

Mailing List: If you would like to join our team, and/or receive email updates about our activities and resources, contact Bonnie and Janet at