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Daring to Dream

What is Daring to Dream?

Daring to Dream is about visioning the future of our Congregation. The Board of Trustees is using this initiative to build upon what we heard at the World Café last March and through workshops over the last six months listening further to the congregation to understand:

·         Who we are?

·         Who are we becoming?

·         What really matters to us?

This is about us as a covenantal religion.  It is where we are going as congregation as we move back to Unity Temple with a clear view of what we aspire to be and how we present ourselves in our community.

Daring to Dream is based a strategic planning process called Appreciative Inquiry, a theory in which the information gathering process leans toward a positive approach, rather than focusing on problems. The process took us beyond data gathering and problem solving toward more collective and creative thinking. In 16 workshops, facilitators guided congregation member’s through insightful exercises that helped us in creating a vision for our church that reflects who we are today, and what we want to become. The sessions ran from November 2015 to March 2016. The Board and A-Team met in April 2016 to review the data, in order to draft new Values, Mission and Ends Statements. Look for more information these values, mission and ends statement to match what we have dreamed.

The final report presented to the Board is below. Stay tuned!

For questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].