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Whoever you are, wherever you are on your life's journey, you are welcome here.

We are a vibrant and growing congregation with a mission to foster community through love, spiritual growth, and social justice. Come visit our beautiful, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Unity Temple and discover more about our culture of radical hospitality and our commitment to live our faith through compassion and service. 




"Three Perspectives - Reflections on Fatherhood and Time"
Michael Weekes, Andrew Thompson, Terry Grace

Offering Recipient: BUILD

We are committed to giving. A major way we do this is to donate all the money we receive during Sunday morning collections to non-profit organizations that embody our Unitarian Universalist values.

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Unity Temple Community Center Closing 

Starting May 20, 2019 and extending through late June the Unity Temple Community Center located at 1019 South Blvd. will be closed for repairs.

While the building is closed, some of the staff will be working out of the library at Unity Temple and others will be working from their homes. The staff will not be available by phone during the construction so please be sure to send an email. You will find a list of staff emails below.

All meetings and events scheduled to take place at the Unity Temple Community Center during this time frame will be relocated or cancelled. Staff will reach out to each person managing meetings and events impacted by this construction to coordinate these location changes. A new calendar of meetings and locations will be included in the weekly eBeacon starting this Friday and will also be posted on the door of the Community Center.

We appreciate everyone who brought in packing boxes so the staff could prepare the space for the construction.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time of transition.

Sincerely, The Administrative Team :: Rev. Emily Gage, Elizabeth Plummer, and Tina Lewis

Staff Contact List

Rev. Alan Taylor, Senior Minister :: [email protected] (currently on sabbatical)
Rev. Colleen Vahey, Faith in Action Coordinator :: [email protected]
Darren Lewis, Building Engineer :: [email protected]
Elizabeth Plummer, Director of Operations :: [email protected]
Rev. Emily Gage, Minister of Faith Development :: [email protected]
Heather Godbout, Youth Coordinator :: [email protected]
Jeanne Calabrese, Publications Coordinator :: [email protected]
Joan Cinquegrani, Freelance Rental Manager :: [email protected]
Martha Swisher, Music Director :: [email protected]
Ron Elling, Finance & Database Assistant :: [email protected]
Tina Lewis, Membership Director :: [email protected]
Tracy Zurawski, Finance & Office Manager :: [email protected]
Val Ridenour, Religious Education Assistant :: [email protected]
Zsolt Elekes, Intern Minister :: [email protected]
Unity Temple Office :: [email protected]
Board of Trustees :: [email protected]